Anytime Korean Beginning 1

AUTHOR : Sangbok Kim , Jaemin Roh
ISBN : 9781635190151
PUBLICATION DATE : March 01 ,2020,
SPINE SIZE : 0.8 inches
PAGES : 320
SIZE : 8.4 * 11.1 inches
WEIGHT : 2.1 pounds
PRICE : $39.95
The Anytime Korean Textbook Series is an interactive and engaging learning material. From the beginning, the series provides powerful practices for fast acquisitions of conversation skills in Korean, through carefully designed systematic learning steps grounded in pedagogic research that is proven most effective. In the program, learners can practice Korean via various platforms including print, website, and mobile app devices. The series and the accompanying audios, videos, and mobile application help learners build hands-on communication skills in Korean through an integrated practice of listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

Sangbok Kim

Department of Asian Languages and Civilizations The University of Colorado at Boulder
Ph.D., Korean Language and Linguistics The University of California at Los Angeles

Jaemin Roh

Department of World Languages and LiteraturesBoston University
Ed.D., Educational Media Technology, Curriculum, and Teaching Boston University

Danielle O. Pyun

Department of East Asian Languages and Literatures The Ohio State University
Ph.D., Foreign and Second Language Education The Ohio State University

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Scope and sequence

Reading and writing Hangeul
Lesson 1. 안녕하세요? (Hi.; How are you?)
Lesson 2. 저는 미국 사람이에요. (I'm an American.)
Lesson 3. 대학생이에요? (Are you a college student?)
Lesson 4. 뭐해요? (What are you doing?)
Lesson 5. 무슨 일 하세요? (What do you do?)
Lesson 6. 기숙사 어때요? (How is your dorm?)
Lesson 7. 전화번호가 어떻게 되세요? (May I have your phone number?)
Lesson 8. 오늘은 제가 살게요. (I'll buy it today.)
Lesson 9. 형제 있어요? (Do you have any siblings?)
Lesson 10. 몇 명쯤 와요? (How many people are coming?)

Answer Keys
Appendix I: Vocabulary
Appendix II: Expressions
Appendix III: Grammar
Appendix IV: Speech levels, styles, and types
Appendix V: How to conjugate irregular verbs and adjectives