For Libraries

KNPA is a special purchase program for overseas libraries that need Korean books. All books distributed from Korea can be browsed and purchased, and it will recommend new books by analyzing existing books in the library.

Here are the KNPA features for the library.

  • Verify if there is a duplicate copy in the library (When searching and purchasing)
  • When registering a domain of the library in KNPA, the library user directly joins as a member, or the librarian invites the library user from KNPA.
  • Library users can search for books directly and request purchase orders (library users to librarians)
  • Management of users of registered libraries
  • Real-time tracking of orders, shipping, and settlement
  • Order and settlement linked to EDI system with library system
  • View the library holdings of all books registered with KNPA
  • Search all books registered in KNPA by publication date excluding the books in the library
  • Library regular ordering program (planned): Analyze comprehensive information such as already housed books, pre-registered publishers and keywords, and recommend library-customized new books (automatic shipping when length, budget, etc. are pre-registered.)

Special features for librarians who do not know Korean: All books registered with KNPA can be searched in other libraries. This special feature allows you to select and order books that can download MARC record of Full level. Feel free to order Korean-language books without the pressure of problems regarding the Romanization of Korean due to language barrier or generating the Library of congress Call Number and Library of Congress Subject Headings.

If you would like to receive Korean books to the library through KNPA, or if you have any questions, please send e-mail to Please include the library name, contact person, phone number, and email address in the email.


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