Desk Copy Policy

We provide free "Desk Copy" books to the instructor for books selected by the school or an educational institution as course materials. Qualified instructors can use the "Desk Copy" under the following conditions. Please request it by emailing

  • "Desk Copy" of the required course is limited to one book. If the expected enrollment of the course is over 50, you can use the second "Desk Copy."
  • An additional "Desk Copy" exceeding the first two books can be purchased at a 30% discount of retail price. (Shipping fee separate)
  • Please use the department letterhead when requesting a "Desk copy." The letterhead should include the name of the lecturer, the duration of the lecture (annually, quarterly, etc.), the start date, the number of expected students, the purchasing bookstore and the office address (including telephone, fax and e-mail addresses). If you attach a book order from a bookstore or institution, you will receive a "Desk Copy" more quickly. "Desk Copy" cannot be delivered to your residence and must be shipped to the address of your school or educational institution.
  • Only a "Desk copy" can be obtained if it is selected as the mandatory teaching material. You cannot receive a "Desk Copy" as a supplemental teaching material or reading material.

Examination Copy Requests

We welcome your request of the "Examination Copy" for deciding on the teaching material. The instructor can receive an "Examination Copy" at the minimum cost. Minimum cost of $8 will cover the shipping and handling cost of each book. In order to receive an "Examination Copy" for your consideration of the course materials, you must provide the following information in your department's letterhead:

  • Course name
  • Length of Course (Yearly, quarterly, etc.)
  • Start Date
  • Expected number of students
  • Purchasing bookstore
  • The office address (including telephone, fax and e-mail address) to receive the 'Examination Copy.' "Examination Copy" cannot be delivered to residential areas and must be delivered to the address of the school or educational institution.

We accept payments by check or credit card. If you want to pay by credit card, please clearly state in your request “Credit card payment desired.” We will send you a PayPal invoice by email. In the case of a check, please make the payment to KONG & PARK USA, INC. and send it to the following address. It takes 1 ~ 2 weeks to ship after confirmation of payment.

Please send your "Examination Copy" request and payment to.

1480 Renaissance Drive, Suite 412
Park Ridge, IL 60068
Tel: +1 847 241 4845
Fax: +1 312 757 5553
Attn.: Order Department

Course book Print-on-demand (CBP) Program

If you find it difficult to find textbooks that you want in your school or educational institution, and you already have your own textbooks tailored to your course, you can use CBP. Give it a try on using textbooks that are up to standard as the regularly published books at a reasonable cost. Please let us know the production specifications listed below and we will send you a quote. Please send an email to if you have any questions on a quote or other questions.

Production specifications required for a quote

  • All pages
  • Printing type (Color or black and white)
  • Size
  • Binding type (Paperback or Hardcover)
  • Paper weight (50 #, 55 #, 60 # or 70 #)

All files must be submitted in printable PDF format and must pass a basic preflight review. If Kong & Park needs to provide additional services such as design, ISBN registration, bar code printing, etc., you will be charged the actual expense. The detailed specifications of the printable PDF are provided separately with the quotation.

We clearly state that the copyright of all the printed materials provided by the CBP are not related to Kong & Park. Please make sure that your instructor or institution has permission to use any text, images, or other copyrighted material in the printed materials.

CBP is the same program as regular publishing, including ISBNs, barcodes, and copyright pages. There is no difference in publishing other than the fact that Kong & Park is not involved in sales. CBP does not handle basic copy services.


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