About “KONG & PARK Acquisitions (KNPA)”

Kong & Park has been distributing English books published in Korea to the world and receiving orders from local distributors in each country for books written in Korean that are distributed in Korea. There is a demand from public libraries where Koreans are dense or from university libraries with Korean studies programs. We have developed the KNPA system to meet the demand of Korean-language books overseas which is available in Korean, English, Chinese, Japanese and Spanish.

KNPA is a platform for linking the consumer library to the supplier, the Korean publisher. Publishers can easily register books that are available for distribution and also view collection information for each held book in each library. In addition to being able to easily purchase books from all publishers registered with the KNPA system, the library can prevent duplicate purchases of books with real-time checking of the already subscribed books.

To learn more about the KNPA program as a librarian who is a buyer, please visit BOOKS ON KOREA > For Libraries.

If you want to learn more about the KNPA program as a providing publisher, you can find it on the BOOKS ON KOREA > For Publishing.

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