About “KONG & PARK Acquisitions (KNPA)”

Kong & Park, Inc. became aware of the demand for Korean language books overseas while distributing English books to the world market. This demand is emerging from public libraries in areas with a high concentration of Koreans and university libraries with Korean studies programs. Accordingly, Kong & Park, Inc. has developed the KNPA(Kong & Park Acquisitions) system to meet the diverse and extensive demand for Korean books. The KNPA is a system designed so that even librarians or staff who do not know Korean can perform related tasks without language barriers.

The significant features of the KNPA system are as follows:

  • AI book recommendation(function) based on similarity and behavioral history
  • Simple and straightforward to request books
  • Able to check the existence of duplicate copies in the library
  • Real-time tracking of orders, shipping, and settlement
  • Order and settlement linked to EDI system with library system
  • Approval plans
  • Shelf-Ready Services
  • Full level MARC records

If you would like to receive Korean books to the library through KNPA, or if you have any questions, please send e-mail to knpa@kongnpark.com. Please include the library name, contact person, phone number, and email address in the email.

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