For Publishers

The KONG & Park Acquisitions system is an efficient selling program that can supply Korean publisher’s books to overseas libraries. Books registered at KNPA by the publisher can identify the status of the book in each library. Along with supplying books, use each library's list of collections as efficient marketing tools.

The following are the features of 'KONG & PARK Acquisitions' for publishers.

  • Simple registration of book on KNPA with ISBN
  • Search simultaneously for the availability of the book in each library when a book is registered
  • Download the collection list of each library
  • Adding and managing a publisher's contact person
  • Real-time tracking of delivery, shipping, and settlement
  • EDI integration with the publisher's system for delivery and settlement
  • Confirm the final destination (library) of the books to be delivered

Publishers who wish to supply their books through KNPA should download the contract here, sign it and send to Within five business days, you will receive a signed contract with KNPA's invitation email.


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