Korean Studies Research Data Event

This place provides research materials for Korean studies and the Korean language published by Korean institutions to research institutes and scholars abroad. Depending on the event, offer of free materials, discounts, etc. may vary according to the request of the provider. Please apply only when absolutely necessary, since we provide only limited quantities, such as materials published as non-sale.

  • All materials will be ordered from the supplier once a week, shipped via "DHL EXPRESS WORLDWIDE" and will be received within 2 to 5 days of shipment.
  • Even if the initial event period remains, the event may close prematurely if the quantity provided by the ordering organization is exhausted.
  • Depending on the request of the ordering agency, a handling fee may be added. You can check before "CHECKOUT" on the detail page of each event.

* If you have any questions about Event, please feel free to contact us.event@kongnpark.com

# Event name Event period Registration dat
4 일반 세종학당 학습자 대상 교육자료 지원 02/03/2021 12:00 AM - 03/31/2021 12:00 AM 2021-01-29 11:04:01
3 A Sourcebook Series by The Academy of Korean Studies 03/04/2019 12:00 AM - 03/31/2019 12:00 PM 2019-03-04 13:56:29
2 Jangseogak Archives of The Academy of Korean Studies 02/20/2019 12:00 AM - 03/10/2019 12:00 PM 2019-02-18 14:35:52
1 BTS Photo Magazine Giveaway (30 winners!) 01/01/2019 12:00 AM - 01/31/2019 12:00 AM 2019-01-01 02:25:15


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