KONG & PARK, INC., established in Korea in 2000, is a publisher specialized in “language textbooks” and “English publications.” We operate direct distribution networks in the United States, Chile, and China, and distribute books through consignment agreements with local companies in the European Union, Canada, Singapore, etc. We started distributing books internationally in 2012, and we are currently selling books in over 60 countries.

Language Textbooks
KONG & PARK is a leader in publishing Korean textbooks as a foreign language. The company publishes “Sejong Korean Conversation Series” of the King Sejong Institute Foundation, a public organization established to manage overseas Korean language education and the distribution of Korean culture, and distributes it to more than 180 Sejong Institutes around the world. We also published the “Anytime Korean Series,” a Korean language textbook for US universities, and localized it to meet the demand. The online conversation practice solution (PIP Lang), developed in cooperation with University of Colorado Boulder, was applied to the “Anytime Korean Series (AnytimeKorean.com).”

The Chinese character textbook, which KONG & PARK developed its own contents, is the representative book of us. KONG & PARK has registered a patent for Chinese learning materials as a mechanism designed to repeat each part of Chinese radicals naturally. It is currently being published separately as a Chinese character textbook for Korean, Chinese, and Japanese. It has been published in Korean, English, Spanish, and German to meet readers in more than 30 countries.

English Publication
KONG & PARK has established a stable process for publishing foreign languages based on our extensive experience since publishing English publications in 2012. We offer a complete one-stop service with a network of translators in each field, style editing for publishing, refined local design, and global distribution.

Since 2017, the Journal of Korean Art and Archeology has been published in the United States. In particular, we write our own “translation manual” and provide it to translators to maintain a consistent translation of the journal, which is a serial publication. The “translation manual,” updated every time the issue is published, is KONG & PARK's promise to maintain the quality of the translation.

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  • 85, Gwangnaru-ro 56-gil, Gwangjin-gu
    Prime-center #3411
    Seoul 05116, Korea
  • +82 (0)2 565 1531
  • info@kongnpark.com



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