Publishing with KONG & PARK

Our publishing program provides partners with a full range of publishing services to allow research organizations to spend more time reviewing and publishing the best and highest quality articles in each discipline. Our services are focused on accommodating the unique and distinct needs of institutions and journals. Our dedicated employees are proud of their professional experience and differentiated services in all their roles.

Kong & Park provides the following services:

  • Translation or Copyediting
  • Design, typesetting, printing and binding
  • US copyright registration of paper books and e-books
  • Advertising, online promotions and seasonal catalogs
  • Electronic publishing and management
  • Digitization of past issues
  • Subscription management service
  • Distribution and warehousing

We welcome suggestions for publishing new or existing journals of academic institutions, associations or organizations interested in publishing programs of Kong & Park. For a consultation or for more information, please email us at


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