AI Solutions

Kong & Park, Inc. has continuously developed IT solutions for language learning while publishing books on Korean studies and KFL(Korean as a Foreign Language). CorpusLab, a research institute established by Kong & Park, Inc., worked on AI technologies for language learning such as voice recognition, pronunciation evaluation, and text analysis. As a result, its language-learning solutions have been developed and used in educational fields.

AI Voice Recognition

Our voice recognition solution is a collection of Korean speech data and AI voice recognition technology accumulated by foreigners over the years. This solution supports continuous updates to respond to various speech situations, such as speech environment and noise, and provides Korean-oriented educational services. Furthermore, we provide optimized solutions that meet customers' needs, circumstances, and fields of interest.

AI Pronunciation Evaluation

Our voice recognition solution includes a pronunciation evaluation system to evaluate the accuracy of a specific word or sentence and provides the result to the learners and instructors. Also, we provide an optimized solution for the content developed by Korean language institutions, foreign language institutions, or publishers.

AI Text Analysis

In addition to analyzing grammatical errors by isolating sentence morphemes, we present alternatives that can be applied to language learning. They also developed techniques for extracting or summarizing the gist of a sentence. These technologies go beyond grading short-answer questions and allow artificial intelligence to replace complex grading tasks such as essay grading, simplifying repetitive tasks for teachers.


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