Volume I: The Overall Grammatical System

AUTHOR : Won Seok Cho
ISBN : 9781635190175
PUBLISHER : Pagijong Press
PUBLICATION DATE : March 06 ,2020,
SPINE SIZE : 0.5 inches
PAGES : 550
SIZE : 2.10 * 3.10 inches
WEIGHT : 2.6 pounds
PRICE : $67.95
KOREAN GRAMMAR: A ONE-STOP REFERENCE BOOK provides a comprehensive overview of not only the fundamental but also the most advanced aspects of Korean grammar necessary for complete mastery of the language. It is no secret-the Korean Wave (Hallyu) has catapulted the Korean language to the global stage, and there is no better time for the aspiring student to take a journey to the exciting wonderland of Korean grammar.

This book presupposes very little prior knowledge of the language, and it welcomes students of all proficiency levels. It is designed to be a one-stop reference book for the impassioned reader, and it requires no supplementary resources.

Won Seok Cho

Assistant Professor at the Defense Language Institute, The US Department of Defense
Diagnostic Assessment Specialist
Korean Oral Proficiency Interviewer
ABD. in Linguistics at the University of Chicago
M.A. in Linguistics at the University of Chicago
B.A. in Linguistics at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities

Table of Contents
Preface (머리말/서문)
1. chapter 01 Phonology(음운론)
2. chapter 02 Morphology(단어 형태론)
3. chapter 03 Syntax (문장 형태론)
4. chapter 04 Nouns and Case Markers(명사와 격조사)
5. chapter 05 Particles(보조사)
6. chapter 06 Numbers and Counters (수와 조수사)
7. chapter 07 Time and Dates(시간과 날짜)
8. chapter 08 Noun Making Suffixes(명사화 접미사)
9. chapter 09 Pronouns(대명사) and Demonstratives(지시사)
10. chapter 10 Noun Conjunctions I (명사 접속사 I)
11. chapter 11 Noun Conjunctions II (명사 접속사 II)
12. chapter 12 Verbs(동사)
13. chapter 13 Honorific and Blunt Systems(존댓말과 반말)
14. chapter 14 Tense and Aspect(시제와 상)
15. chapter 15 Quotation(화법)
16. chapter 16 Noun-Modifying Suffixes(명사 수식 접미사)
17. chapter 17 Negation(부정문)
18. chapter 18 Comparison(비교구문)
19. chapter 19 Passive Voice(수동태)
20. chapter 20 Causative Verbs(사역동사)
21. chapter 21 Double Subjects and Objects(이중주어/목적어)
22. chapter 22 Modal Auxiliaries I(보조동사 I)
23. chapter 23 Modal Auxiliaries II(보조동사 II)
24. chapter 24 Sentence Endings I(문장 종결어미 I)
25. chapter 25 Sentence Endings II(문장 종결어미 II)
26. chapter 26 Pragmatic Strategies
27. APPENDIX A Verbal Suffix Ordering (동사 접미사 순서)
28. APPENDIX B Adverbial Suffixes (부사화 접미사)
29. APPENDIX C Mathematical Operations and Geometry (수학 연산과 기하)
INDEX (색인)