Build Vocabulary Faster

AUTHOR : C. Jeffrey McLean
ISBN : 9781635190205
PUBLICATION DATE : December 01 ,2021,
SPINE SIZE : 1.3 inches
PAGES : 543
SIZE : 7.2 * 10.2 inches
WEIGHT : 2.3 pounds
PRICE : $22.95
The objective of this book is to make it faster and easier to expand your English vocabulary. Knowing the roots and variations is neither difficult nor overly time-consuming. With steady application, your word power and vocabulary can increase significantly.

This vocabulary enhancement tool uses roots and links to show you what words mean and how they relate to other words. Rather than learning new words individually, now you can build vocabulary using meaningful word groups. What’s more, when you encounter unfamiliar words, you may quickly discern how they’re related to other words that you already know.

C. Jeffrey McLean

Senior writer, editor, and consultant for several Fortune 500 companies. Writer and consultant in public affairs for major nonprofit organizations. Successful marketing, advertising, PR, and branding campaigns. Develop and write corporate communication programs, employee-benefit packages, retirement-plan rollouts, and shareholder-relations/retention strategies. Powerful sales tools, direct marketing pieces, fulfillment kits, and investor education programs in all media. Comprehensive style and corporate communications guidelines. Maintain high standards of grammar, style, usage, and punctuation. Assure consistent use of brand marks and logos. International acclaim for creative excellence, overall effectiveness, and measurable results. Clio and Effie awards. Recognition in Advertising Age, The Wall Street Journal, Financial World, and The Korea Times.


How to Use This Book

Unit 1: People popular, unpopular, popularity, populate, depopulate, population
Unit 2: Family familiar, familiarity, unfamiliar, multifamily
Unit 3: Genus gender, general, generally, generate, generous, generic
Unit 4: Vision visionary, envision, prevision, revision
Unit 5: Audio audiology, audiologist, audiovisual, audiotape, audiogram
Unit 6: Phone phoneme, phonetic, megaphone, xylophone
Unit 7: Face facial, foreface, interface, surface
Unit 8: Manual manicure, manuscript, manufacture, maneuver
Unit 9: Prehensile apprehend, reprehend, comprehend, comprehension, comprehensible
Unit 10: Temper temperate, temperance, temperament, temperature
Unit 11: Compute computer, dispute, impute, repute, reputation
Unit 12: Mother maternal, matriarch, maternity, matrimony
Unit 13: Father paternal, patriarch, paternity, patrimony
Unit 14: Native nation, innate, cognate, pregnant
Unit 15: Name surname, noun, pronoun, nominate
Unit 16: Firm affirm, infirm, infirmary, confirm
Unit 17: Sole solo, solitary, soliloquy, desolate
Unit 18: Fort force, fortify, fortress, comfort
Unit 19: Grieve grief, grave, gravity, aggravate
Unit 20: Verb verbal, verbalize, adverb, proverb
Unit 21: Long longitude, longevity, prolong, elongate
Unit 22: Multiple multiply, multitude, multimedia, multicolor
Unit 23: Magnify magnifier, magnitude, magnificence, magnificent
Unit 24: Vivid vivacious, convivial, survive, revive
Unit 25: Vital vitals, vitality, vitalize, vitamin
Unit 26: Minor minority, minus, minimum, diminish
Unit 27: Valor value, valid, evaluate, equivalent, prevalent
Unit 28: Apply appliance, applicable, application, applicant
Unit 29: Spice spicy, spy, respect, despise
Unit 30: Serve service, servant, deserve, dessert
Unit 31: Pain penal, penalty, penalize, punish, punitive
Unit 32: Study studious, studio, student, understudy
Unit 33: Affect affection, affectionate, affective, unaffected
Unit 34: Delight delightful, delicate, delicacy, delicious, dilettante
Unit 35: Fume fumy, perfume, perfumy, fumigate, fumigation
Unit 36: Praise appraise, precious, depreciate, praiseworthy
Unit 37: Intelligence intelligent, intellect, intellectual, counterintelligence
Unit 38: Noise noisy, nausea, nauseate, nauseous
Unit 39: Ascend ascension, ascent, descend, descendant, condescend
Unit 40: Horror horrible, horrific, abhor, abhorrent
Unit 41: Apathy apathetic, empathy, sympathy, sympathize, sympathetic
Unit 42: Anonymous anonym, antonym, homonym, synonym
Unit 43: Humor humorous, humid, humidity, humidify, humidfier
Unit 44: Moral morality, moralize, demoralize, immoral
Unit 45: Honor dishonor, honorable, honorary, honesty, dishonest
Unit 46: Marvel marvelous, mirror, miracle, miraculous, admire
Unit 47: Pity piteous, piety, pious, impious
Unit 48: Pure purify, purity, impure, purge
Unit 49: Revere reverent, reverend, reverence, reverential, irreverence
Unit 50: Saint sanctuary, sanctity, sanctify, sanction
Unit 51: Sacred sacrifice, sacrament, sacrilege, consecrate
Unit 52: Patient impatient, inpatient, outpatient, patience
Unit 53: Cover covert, coverage, discover, undercover
Unit 54: Poet poem, poetic, poetry, poesy
Unit 55: Recover recovery, recoverable, recuperate, recuperation
Unit 56: Diction dictionary, predict, prediction, verdict, dictate, dictator
Unit 57: Grace graceful, gratitude, gracious, graciousness, disgrace
Unit 58: Domestic domain, dominion, condominium, domesticate, dominate, domineer,
Unit 59: Sense sensory, sensitive, sentiment, sentimental, sensate, sensation
Unit 60: Deceive deception, deceptive, deceived, receive, receipt, reception
Unit 61: Endure endurance, endurable, duration, durable, durability, during
Unit 62: Relate relative, relatively, relativity, relation, relationship, correlation
Unit 63: Know cognition, recognition, gnosis, agnostic, prognosis
Unit 64: Create creator, creature, creation, recreation, procreate
Unit 65: Male masculine, masculinist, masculinity, emasculate, macho
Unit 66: School scholar, scholarship, scholastic, preschool
Unit 67: Common community, communion, communism, communicate, excommunicate
Unit 68: Companion companionship, company, accompany, unaccompanied
Unit 69: Logic logical, apology, etymology, eulogy
Unit 70: Sign signal, signify, signature, consign
Unit 71: Bicycle bisect, bilingual, bipartisan, billion
Unit 72: Triple triathlon, triangle, tripod, trillion
Unit 73: October octave, octane, octagon, octopus
Unit 74: Subway suburb, subscribe, subtitle, subpoena
Unit 75: Therapy therapist, therapeutic, chemotherapy, aromatherapy
Unit 76: Traction abstract, attract, contract, subtract
Unit 77: Govern governor, governess, governance, government
Unit 78: Repair repairable, prepare, preparation, separate
Unit 79: Society sociology, social, socialize, socialism, associate
Unit 80: Police policy, politics, politician, political, metropolitan
Unit 81: Labor laborious, laboratory, elaborate, collaborate, collaboration, collaborator
Unit 82: Graph graphic, autograph, cryptograph, cryptography, pictograph
Unit 83: Practice practitioner, practical, impractical, malpractice, chiropractic
Unit 84: Differ different, differential, differentiate, difference, indifference
Unit 85: Unity unify, union, uniform, universe, universal, university
Unit 86: Dual duet, duplex, duplicate, dubious
Unit 87: Mono monopoly, monogamy, monotone, monotonous, monk
Unit 88: Archaeology archangel, architect, architecture, archbishop, monarch
Unit 89: Transit transform, transplant, translate, transfuse, transfusion
Unit 90: Grade gradual, graduate, upgrade, degrade
Unit 91: Porter import, export, transport, portable
Unit 92: Inject eject, project, subject, reject, rejection
Unit 93: Convert revert, divert, pervert, advert
Unit 94: Annual anniversary, biennial, centennial, perennial
Unit 95: New novice, novel, novelty, innovate, renovate
Unit 96: Admit emit, commit, transmit, submit, submission
Unit 97: Induce introduce, reduce, deduce, produce, production
Unit 98: Contain obtain, retain, sustain, maintain, maintenance
Unit 99: Transfer refer, defer, suffer, prefer, preference
Unit 100: Fine final, finish, confine, define, definite
Unit 101: Royal regime, reign, rule, regular, regulate
Unit 102: Profess professor, profession, professional, confess, confession
Unit 103: Mobile mobilize, mobility, immobile, automobile
Unit 104: Legal legalize, illegal, paralegal, legitimate, illegitimate
Unit 105: Reside residence, resident, residential, residue, preside, president
Unit 106: Minister ministry, administer, administrate, administration
Unit 107: Adhere adherent, adherence, adhesive, cohere, coherent, coherence
Unit 108: Letter literal, literate, literature, illiterate
Unit 109: Secret secrecy, secretion, secretary, secretarial
Unit 110: Excuse excusable, inexcusable, accuse, accusation, accusative
Unit 111: Possess possessive, possession, assess, assessment
Unit 112: Locate local, location, allocate, collocate
Unit 113: Mediate mediator, mediation, immediate, intermediate
Unit 114: Economy economist, economize, economics, microeconomics, macroeconomics
Unit 115: Treasure treasurer, treasury, treasurable, thesaurus
Unit 116: Success successive, successor, succession, succeed
Unit 117: Fail failure, false, fallacy, fault, default
Unit 118: Vote devote, devotion, devout, vow
Unit 119: Elect election, elective, lecture, select
Unit 120: Campus camp, campaign, champion, championship
Unit 121: Compare comparative, comparison, comparable, incomparable
Unit 122: Courage courageous, discourage, encourage, encouragement
Unit 123: Master masterpiece, mastermind, maestro, magistrate
Unit 124: Organize organization, organism, reorganize, disorganize
Unit 125: Supply supplier, oversupply, supplement, supplementary
Unit 126: Equal equate, equator, equation, adequate
Unit 127: Peace pay, pacify, pacific, appease
Unit 128: Secure security, insecure, sure, assure, insure
Unit 129: Tend tender, tendency, pretend, pretense, pretension
Unit 130: Pose compose, expose, oppose, propose
Unit 131: Harmony disharmony, harmonize, harmonious, harmonic, harmonica
Unit 132: Cite excite, incite, recite, citation
Unit 133: Present presentation, represent, presence, omnipresence
Unit 134: Paradox paraphrase, paragraph, parallel, paralysis
Unit 135: Search searchlight, searchable, unsearchable, research, researcher
Unit 136: Circle encircle, circular, circulate, circulation, circus
Unit 137: Forge forger, forgery, fabric, fabricate, prefabricate, fabrication
Unit 138: Plane planet, planetarium, planetary, interplanetary
Unit 139: Physics physical, physician, physiology, aerophysics
Unit 140: Chemist chemical, chemistry, biochemistry, neurochemistry
Unit 141: Animate animal, animation, animism, animosity
Unit 142: Pneumatic pneumatology, pneumatize, pneumonia, pneumonic, pneumothorax
Unit 143: Spirit dispirit, spiritual, spiritualism, spirituality
Unit 144: Electric electricity, electrician, electron, electrocute
Unit 145: Pharmacy pharmacist, zoopharmacy, pharmaceutical, pharmaceutics, biopharmaceutics
Unit 146: Marine marina, aquamarine, submarine, ultramarine
Unit 147: Geology geologist, geography, geographic, geocentric, geometry, geometric
Unit 148: Aquatic aquifer, aqueduct, aqueous, aquarium
Unit 149: Terrace territory, terrestrial, extraterrestrial, mediterranean, subterranean
Unit 150: Flora floral, florist, flourish, flower
Unit 151: Cosmos cosmic, cosmetic, cosmonaut, cosmopolite, cosmopolitan
Unit 152: Lunar lunate, lunarian, lunation, lunatic, lunacy
Unit 153: Solar solstice, solarium, extrasolar, parasol
Unit 154: Luminary luminous, luminescence, luminescent, illuminate, illumination
Unit 155: Ray radial, radiate, radiation, radiant, radiance
Unit 156: Oxygen oxide, oxidize, oxidant, antioxidant, oxymoron
Unit 157: Carbon carbonate, carbonation, decarbonate, radiocarbon
Unit 158: Sphere spheric, spherical, biosphere, atmosphere, hemisphere
Unit 159: Fruit fruitful, fruitage, fruity, fruitarian
Unit 160: Section intersection, insect, dissect, segment
Unit 161: Flame flammable, inflame, inflammation, inflammatory, flamingo
Unit 162: Air aria, aerobic, aerate, aerial
Unit 163: Vacate vacation, vacationist, vacant, vacancy
Unit 164: Microscope microwave, micromanage, microphone, microbiology
Unit 165: Vegetate vegetarian, vegetable, vegetation, vegetative
Unit 166: Salt salty, saline, salad, salary
Unit 167: Biotic biopsy, antibiotic, biodegradable, autobiography
Unit 168: Fluid fluidity, flux, fluctuate, fluent, fluency
Unit 169: Solid solidify, solidary, solidarity, consolidate, consolidation
Unit 170: Space spacious, spatial, backspace, interspace
Unit 171: Folio foliage, foliar, foliate, portfolio
Unit 172: Sane insane, sanity, sanitary, sanitize, sanitation
Unit 173: Mountain mountaineer, mountainous, amount, tantamount
Unit 174: Pasture pastural, pasturage, pastor, pastoral
Unit 175: Liquid liquidity, liquidate, liquor, liquorish
Unit 176: Thermal thermometer, thermodynamic, thermostat, photothermal
Unit 177: Psychic psychiatry, psychology, psychopath, psychotherapy
Unit 178: Hydrogen hydrant, hydrate, carbohydrate, dehydrate, dehydration
Unit 179: Pedal pedicure, pedestrian, impede, impediment
Unit 180: Chronic chronicle, chronology, synchronous, synchronize
Unit 181: Theism atheism, atheist, theocracy, theology, theologian
Unit 182: Epidemic endemic, pandemic, demography, democracy, democratic
Unit 183: Hemorrhage hemorrhoid, hemoglobin, hematology, hematoma
Unit 184: Dermis epidermis, hypodermis, xanthoderm, dermatology
Unit 185: Technique technician, technology, technical, biotechnical
Unit 186: Chroma monochrome, chromosome, hypochromia, hyperchromia
Unit 187: Philosophy philharmonic, philology, philanthropy, bibliophile
Unit 188: Dynamic geodynamic, dynamics, aerodynamics, hydrodynamics, dynamite
Unit 189: Fuse diffuse, refuse, fusion, profusion, infusion
Unit 190: Astral astronaut, astronomy, astronomical, astrology, astrophysics
Unit 191: Photograph photography, photographic, photogenic, photosynthesis, photophobia
Unit 192: Globe global, globalize, globule, globular, globulet
Unit 193: Television telephone, telescope, telecommunication, telepathy
Unit 194: Lubricate lubricator, lubrication, lubricant, lubricious
Unit 195: Friction fricative, affricative, fray, friable, dentifrice
Unit 196: Found profound, founder, foundation, unfounded
Unit 197: Science conscience, conscientious, conscious, unconscious, scientific
Unit 198: Stable unstable, stability, instability, establish, establishment
Unit 199: Conspire conspiracy, aspire, inspire, expire
Unit 200: Nature natural, supernatural, naturalist, nation, natal, prenatal