An Exploratory Study of the Korean Case

AUTHOR : Young Seong Yoo
ISBN : 9781635190427
PUBLISHER : Dahalmedia
PUBLICATION DATE : June 01 ,2022,
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PAGES : 432
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This book deals with every possible financing method that is justifiable based on
the idea of common wealth as a source of basic income. It explores the financial
resources that can be secured and then presented our estimates. This approach
helps us examine by stage and, depending on the conditions, consider the different
combinations of feasible financing methods that are within the range of the
estimated amount of financial resources.

Young Seong Yoo


“Of all the issues surrounding basic income, the mos t important issue is no doubt ‘how to finance it.’ This study is an attempt to give a better answer to this question, going a step beyond the past discussions by carefully
electing and exploring comprehensive, justifiable, feasible, and, therefore, practical alterna tives.” _ Sunggwan Hur, Chair of Gyeonggi Research Institute
Prologue : How to Finance Basic Income
Chapter 1_ Introduction
01 Background and Purpose
02 Literature Review
03 Research Content
04 Research Framework

Chapter 2_ Financing Basic Income: Theoretical Considerations
01 Common Wealth: Source of Basic Income
02 Tax Justice and Efficiency
03 Proportional and Progressive Tax Models
04 Political Feasibility of Tax Increase

Chapter 3_ Financing through Tax Reforms
01 Introduction
02 Income Tax Reform
03 Strengthening the Property Tax System
04 Consumption Tax and Special Disaster Recovery Tax