Machine Gun Voices
Favelas and Utopia In Brazilian Gangster Funk

AUTHOR : Paul Sneed
ISBN : 9788952128331
PUBLISHER : 서울대학교 출판문화원
PUBLICATION DATE : October 18 ,2019,
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PAGES : 500
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Paul Snead, a professor of SEOUL at Seoul National University, lived in Rocinha, the largest area of ​​Pabella, and “observed” them closest. In Machine Gun Voices, the results of the observations were analyzed ethnographically.

Paul Sneed

Paul Sneed is Associate Professor of Brazilian Literary and Cultural Studies at Seoul National University. He spent several years working and conducting research in Belém do Pará and Rio de Janeiro, where he studied proibidão funk music in the city’s favelas. A former community educator and activist in Rio, his academic interests are in the intersections between daily life and social justice, especially in Latin American music, screen, and cultural studies and, more recently, in the lives of Koreans in the Americas.

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Foreword by Carlos Palombini

Chapter 1 Funk Rio
Chapter 2 Machine Gun Voices
Chapter 3 Writing about Funk Carioca
Chapter 4 Proibidão and Rio’s Gangs
Chapter 5 Rocinha Favela
Chapter 6 Crimes of Self Defense
Chapter 7 Social Bandits in Funk
Chapter 8 Bandits of Christ
Chapter 9 Trafficking Culture
Chapter 10 Musical Survival Tactics
Chapter 11 Utopias de Favela
Chapter 12 Mixes from the Margins
Chapter 13 Last Dance