I Love Korean 1 Student’s Book

AUTHOR : Language Education Seoul National University
ISBN : 9788952128744
PUBLISHER : Seoul National University Press
PUBLICATION DATE : January 30 ,2019,
SPINE SIZE : 0.4 inches
PAGES : 168
SIZE : 8.3 * 10.7 inches
WEIGHT : 1.2 pounds
PRICE : $37.95
The series of short-term (about 60 hours) Korean textbooks developed by the Seoul National University Language Education Center aim to enable adult learners to acquire basic Korean language skills in a short period of time.

Language Education Seoul National University

The Language Education Center of Seoul National University was established in 1963 as a language research institute at the campus of Dongsung-dong Seoul National University and was promoted to the Language Education Center in 2001. For 56 years, it has played an important role in the internationalization of Seoul National University and the Republic of Korea as a publishing institution of Korean language education institutions for the world, foreign language education institutions for SNUs, national language proficiency testing institutes, and linguistic journals representing Korea. Each year, we educate about 2,500 foreigners from 70 countries and teach Korean and Korean culture. We also have 7 language courses including English for 8,000 Seoul National University students.

Preface / How to Use This Book / Scope and Sequence / Characters
1. Hangeul
1) Learning Hangeul (1)
2) Learning Hangeul (2)
2. Basic Korean
1) Learning Hangeul (3)
2) Classroom Korean and Greetings
3. Introductions
1) I’m American
2) Ting-Ting, are you a student?
4. Items and Objects
1) What is this?
2) Do you have any tissues?
5. Food and Ordering
1) Please give me some orange juice
2) Please give me two bowls of bibimbap and a bottle of cola
6. Daily Life
1) What are you doing?
2) Where do you go?
7. Shopping
1) What tastes delicious?
2) How much is it?
8. Time and Date
1) What time is it now?
2) Which day is the test on?
9. Weather and Life
1) It’s cold today
2) Where is it?