Phonological Typology of Plosives

AUTHOR : Lee Jinho
ISBN : 9788952131379
PUBLISHER : 서울대학교출판문화원
PUBLICATION DATE : September 20 ,2022,
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This book contains the result of reviewing the plosive inventories in languages around the world. By analyzing plosive phonemes found in 4,356 languages, their phonological characteristics were derived. A variety of topics are covered, such as the place and manner of articulation, preferred inventories and phonological opposition. In particular, various statistical results are presented in many Tables and Figures to help research on plosives. The typological tendency of plosives will be clearly revealed based on large-scale language data.

Lee Jinho

Jinho Lee is a professor at Seoul National University. His main research topic is Korean phonology, and he plans to study Korean phonology from the perspective of linguistic typology. In 2020, he wrote Inventories of the Plosive in the World′s Languages.


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Chapter 1 Introduction
1.1. Definition of the plosive
1.2. Terminology of the plosive
1.3. Language data
1.4. Organization of this book

Chapter 2 Place of articulation in the plosive
2.1. Single-articulated plosives
2.2. Double-articulated plosives
2.3. Patterns in the place of articulation
2.4. Subdivision in the coronal and dorsal plosives

Chapter 3 Manner of articulation in the plosive
3.1. Plain plosives
3.2. Complex plosives
3.3. Contrast by [±voiced]
3.4. Proportional versus nonproportional opposition
3.5. Types of secondary articulation
3.6. Types of multiple secondary articulations

Chapter 4 Description of plosives
4.1. Bilabial plosives
4.2. Linguolabial plosives
4.3. Dental plosives
4.4. Alveolar plosives
4.5. Retroflex plosives
4.6. Alveopalatal plosives
4.7. Palatal plosives
4.8. Velar plosives
4.9. Uvular plosives
4.10. Pharyngeal plosive
4.11. Epiglottal plosive
4.12. Glottal plosives
4.13. Labiovelar plosives
4.14. Labial alveolar plosives
4.15. Labiopalatal plosive
4.16. Dentovelar plosive

Chapter 5 Characteristics of the plosive
5.1. Quantitative characteristics
5.2. Some implicational relationships in the plosive
5.3. Commonly preferred inventories of the plosive
5.4. Absence of the major plosives
5.5. Unique inventories of the plosive in the world’s languages

Chapter 6 Conclusion

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