BTS on the Road

AUTHOR : Seok-Kyeong HONG
ISBN : 9788952132185
PUBLISHER : 서울대학교출판문화원
PUBLICATION DATE : September 30 ,2023,
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How did BTS transcend K-pop
and move people all over the world?

In just a decade since their debut in 2013, BTS has achieved remarkable impact beyond the music and entertainment activities of a K-pop group. They have succeeded in gaining interest and popularity as an icon of the contemporary global youth generation, not as fictional characters but as real people with Asian faces who are facing difficulties in the uncertain current and future conditions. At the same time, their actions have world-historical significance beyond the realm of popular culture. This is not only what BTS means, but also what K-pop and Hallyu mean. In this respect, BTS have faithfully fulfilled their role as pioneers.

Seok-Kyeong HONG

Professor of Communication at Seoul National University since 2013. She worked at the Korean Broadcasting Commission as a Chief Researcher (1996-1999), and was an Associate Professor at the Department of Information and Communication Sciences at the University of Bordeaux 3 (2000-2013). She is the Director of the Center for Hallyu Studies, Asia Center at Seoul National University since March 2022.
Her main research and teaching interests include Cultural Studies, media culture and transnational and global popular culture, as well as visual methods and qualitative research design. She has published books and articles on Korean television dramas, Hallyu as a cultural consequence of globalization and digital culture, and various digital cultural forms and practices such as Mukbang (food broadcasting). She has written columns on Hallyu and cultural issues for national newspapers. Her recent research interests include the impact of global OTT on Hallyu and Korean creative industries, and the political potential of fandom activism.

Foreword to the English edition

Prologue: Out into the World with BTS
BTS as a Lens for Observing the World
BTS in the Age of Globalization and Digital Culture
On the Road That BTS Walks
Joining the Journey That Nobody Has Ever Walked

Chapter 1: BTS, Beyond K-pop:
From the Margins of K-pop Industry to the Zenith of World Popular Culture
The New Order of Global Cultural Distribution
The Idol Systems in Korea and Japan—and BTS
BTS and K-pop: Commonalities and Differences
How BTS Display Hybridity
Beyond K-pop, and to the World

Chapter 2: BTS Transmedia: The Most Important Keywords for Understanding BTS Narratives
What Is Transmedia
BTS’s Transmedia Strategy
Three Layers of BTS Transmedia
Second Layer: The Narratives of BTS as a Band and the Members
Third Layer: The Narratives of the BTS Members as Natural Persons
The Rabbit Hole: The Knots That Tie Together Different Narrative Layers
Jin’s “Epiphany”
V’s “Singularity”
The Completion of BTS Transmedia Via Fan Participation

Chapter 3: The BTS Phenomenon through the Lens of Class Theory:
Why Do Young People around the World Love BTS?
Singing about Young People’s Life Circumstances
You Can’t Live Like Your Parents Anymore, So What Will You Do?
Resist! Growth over Success
Icons of the Young Generation: The Beatles, David Bowie, and BTS

Chapter 4: Becoming ARMY and Being ARMY: They Are behind Every Phenomenon
Meeting the ARMY On-site
Becoming ARMY and Being ARMY
Encounter: Delving into BTS’s Universe (BU)
The Bias: BTS Saved Me at My Lowest Point
The Power of ARMY as Community
Communicating Consolation and Salvation
About the Middle-aged Fans
Learning Korean, BTS’s Language
ARMY’s Taste and ARMY as Taste
Communities of Media, Taste, and Values
ARMY and Fan Activism

Chapter 5: BTS and a New Racial Imagination: How Did BTS Turn Asians into Objects of Desire?
From Local to the World: K-pop led by BTS
Global Pop Music, Sung in Korean
Cultural Referencing Strategy in a Multicultural World
Changing the White-centric Racial Imagination
Racial Sensibility of K-pop Fandoms
Seeking Alternatives between Stereotype and Glorification

Chapter 6: BTS and Alternative Masculinity:
How Did They Impact the Gender Sensibility of the Young Generation?
Male Imagery That Allows Aesthetic Appreciation
Soft Masculinity
Anti-toxic Masculinity
Beyond Alternative Masculinity, towards Gender Issues
BTS’s Body

Epilogue: BTS and Imagining a New Era