Kye Kim's Modern Korean Cooking

AUTHOR : Kye Kim
ISBN : 9788956053172
PUBLISHER : Bookhouse Publishers
PUBLICATION DATE : January 30 ,2009,
SPINE SIZE : 0.9 inches
PAGES : 176
SIZE : 7.6 * 9.4 inches
WEIGHT : 1.10 pounds
PRICE : $38.99
Author Kye Kim, who has been living in the Michigan for 33 years, is introducing easy and delicious 70 Korean food recipes, with the ingredients you can easily find in any grocery store in the States. This book is written for people in the U.S., including Korean American and Korean students in the States. This book includes recipes of American’s favorite dishes, Bibimbap, Bulgogi Gui, Galbi Jjim, Samgyetang and Japchae, also recipes of traditional Korean dishes such as Sinseollo, Tteok Guk, Maekjeok are included.

Kye Kim

Kye Kim can’t remember a time not spent in the kitchen; cooking, experimenting with new recipes, and sharing food with those she loves. She immigrated to the United States from South Korea almost 40 years ago, and has lived in Michigan with her family ever since. After spending most of her life sharing her unique take on classic Korean dishes with her family and friends, she decided to expand her audience by writing a cooking column on a well-known Korean American lifestyle website.

1. Healthy and simple Korean food recipes.
2. Easy and fast, even Non-Koreans can cook Korean Food well with this book.
3. Ingredients are available in any American grocery store.
4. Includes tips for table decoration.