Simply Delicious One Course Meals(Kye Kim's)(양장본 HardCover)
케이 킴의 손쉽고 맛깔스러운 원 코스요리

AUTHOR : Kim Kye
ISBN : 9788956055695
PUBLICATION DATE : April 10 ,2012,
SPINE SIZE : 0 inches
PAGES : 160
SIZE : 7.6 * 9.4 inches
WEIGHT : 1.10 pounds
PRICE : $49.99
With an emphasis on healthful and modern takes on Asian flavors and the addition of author Kye Kim’s expert techniques and long years of cooking experience, this collection of recipes ranges from the classic (Kimchi Pancakes), to comforting (Sizzling Rice Soup), to fresh (Simple Asian Slaw with Black Sesame Rice), to deeply satisfying (One-Pot Seafood and Vegetable Rice), and features recipes for sauces, tips for substitutions and helpful hints, all aimed at helping you turn these one course meals into a new lifestyle with a focus on taking care of yourself and those you love.

Kim Kye

Kye Kim can’t remember a time not spent in the kitchen; cooking, experimenting with new recipes, and sharing food with those she loves. She immigrated to the United States from South Korea almost 40 years ago, and has lived in Michigan with her family ever since. After spending most of her life sharing her unique take on classic Korean dishes with her family and friends, she decided to expand her audience by writing a cooking column on a well-known Korean American lifestyle website.

1. Special Korean food recipes - Elegant, easy, and just simply delicious.
2. This book is a guide to the pleasures of sitting down to a home-cooked meal every night of the week. . . even with the stresses of a busy schedule and a full-time job.