From North Korea to Budapest

AUTHOR : Csoma Mozes
ISBN : 9788962971804
PUBLICATION DATE : March 15 ,2016,
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PAGES : 187
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In the 1950s around 1000 North Korean orphans and students were studying in Hungary. The purpose of this book is to tell the North Korean students' role in the Hungarian revolution and anti Soviet freedom fight in 1956. After the collapse of Central and East European communism in 1989, many former Hungarian freedom fighters declared that, during the time of the Hungarian revolution, they had got a lot of help from North Korean students. Most of these students already had war experience, as the men in their twenties had already fought in the battlefields of the Korean War.

Csoma Mozes

The author, Mozes Csoma is the chairperson of the Korean Department at Eotvos Lorand University (ELTE), Budapest, Hungary. He has published several books in Seoul and Budapest about the history of the Korea-Hungary relations. In 2015 he received an award from the South Korean Ministry of Culture in recognition of his contribution to promoting Korean culture in Hungary. Mozes Csoma also serves as a member of the editorial board of the South Korean journal Yoksa Kyoyuk (The Korean History Education Review).


The roots of the North Korea and Hungary relations
The Korean War and Hungary
The emergence of the Kim Il-Sung Elementary School in Budapest
The age of the first “Korean Wave” in Hungary
North Korean university students in Hungary
More student groups arrive
The emergence of the Park Jong-ae Institute in Budapest
The integration of the young Koreans in Hungary
Disillusion with the Stalinist regime in Hungary
Personal memories of the North Koreans from Hungarian individuals

The year 1956
Internal affairs in the Pyongyang regime
The Hungarian revolution and the North Korean students
·Moricz Zsigmond square in Budapest
·Szena square
·Tuzolto street
Korean medical students in the revolution
The provincial city of Veszpr?m
The division between the North Korean students
The repatriation of the North Korean students
The future lives of the North Korean students who were sent back to the DPRK
North Korean students who crossed the border between Hungary and Austria
The memories of Mr. Zang Gi Hong
The memories of Dr. Rim Zang Dong
Internal situation in the Pyongyang regime after the Hungarian revolution

Attempts to escape from the other East European Countries
The later lives of the students who were repatriated from Hungary
Campaign to break up international marriages
Restriction of the movement of foreign diplomats in North Korea
Provocations against the embassies of the “fraternal countries”
The emergence of the modern “Hermit Kingdom”