The Curatorial in Parallax

AUTHOR : National Museum Of Modern And Contemporary Art
ISBN : 9788963031972
PUBLISHER : National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art Kor
PUBLICATION DATE : April 30 ,2019,
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PAGES : 279
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This book What Museums Do-The Curatorial in Parallax is based on the content of the international symposium organized by the MMCA with the title What Do Museums Research? from April 7 to 8, 2018. The symposium was the first initiative of the MMCA Research Project, which is an endeavor to examine the various practices of the contemporary museum and chart the course of its future. Composed of four sections, What Museums Do-The Curatorial in Parallax maps out the multiple efforts to reform and transform research vis à vis the museum.

National Museum Of Modern And Contemporary Art


Bartomeu Mari Foreword 9
Song Sujong & Kim Seng Eun Introduction 13

Research Practice Revisited

James Elkins What is Research in a Museum? 23
Irit Rogoff Becoming Research 39

Museum Research - Program, Project, Platform

Beck Jee-sook What Museums Don’t Research: A Survey through one opening 57
Paola Antonelli Museums (and Design) as the R&D of Society 77
Margriet Schavemaker Changing the Game: Museum Research and the Politics of Inclusivity 89
Victoria Walsh Situated Research: Curating, Technology, and the Future 107

The Curatorial and Knowledge Production

Beatrice von Bismarck Constellations and Transpositions: On the Political Potential of Curatorial Practice 129
Paul O'Neill Exhibitions as Curatorial Readymade Forms of Escape 143
Simon Sheikh Thinking with Exhibitions, Thinking with People 159
Kim Seong Eun A Critical Muscle, a Choreographic Terrain 173
James Voorhies I Call This Work Research 193

The Imaginary of Institutions

Annette Jael lehmann Mind the Gap: Insights into Practice-Based Research on Performance Art and media between Universities and Museums 213
Dorothee Richter From (Un) learning Curating to Teaching to Transgress 231
Lim Shan Art as Strategy for Social Transformation and Community Pedagogy: Lessons from Institutional Critique and Critical Pedagogy 243
Pascal Gielen Between Creativity and Criminality: On the Liminal Zones of Art and Political Action 259