Essentials Of Korean Culture_Korean Edition

AUTHOR : Ho-min Sohn
ISBN : 9788976418265
PUBLISHER : Korea University Press
PUBLICATION DATE : August 17 ,2013,
SPINE SIZE : 1.3 inches
PAGES : 584
SIZE : 6.3 * 9.2 inches
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This book is written in Korean with two main goals in mind: content learning and language improvement. That is, the first goal is to provide students with a systematic knowledge of the fundamental aspects of Korean studies. The second goal is to help students achieve a professional (superior) level of proficiency in Korean language and culture through content-based instruction. This book will be of great use not only to Korean language learners all over the world but also to general Korean native speakers who would like to have a comprehensive knowledge of how Korea has evolved through ups and downs from the time immemorial to the present, how Korean tradition, arts, language, and literature have grown and developed, and what contemporary Korean social, cultural, and economic lives are like.

Ho-min Sohn

HO-MIN SOHN is Professor of Korean linguistics and Director of the Korean Language Flagship Center at the University of Hawaii at Manoa (UHM) and President of the Korean Language Education and Research Center, Inc. which has developed twenty Korean language textbooks.
He is a past chair of the Department of East Asian Languages and Literatures (1993-2000) and a past director of the Center for Korean Studies (2004-10) at UHM and a past president of both the International Circle of Korean Linguistics (1979-81) and of the American Association of Teachers of Korean (1994-7). His numerous publications include Korean Language in Culture and Society (2006), The Korean Language (1999), Korean: Descriptive Grammar (1994), Linguistic Expeditions (1986), Woleaian- English Dictionary (1976), Woleaian Reference Grammar (1975), and A Ulithian Grammar (1973).

The last two decades have seen the dramatic success and expansion of Korean language programs around the world, which in turn has created widespread interest in the culture of Korea-a phenomenon known as hallyu (‘the Korean wave’). Essentials of Korean Culture, the English version of a textbook first written and published in Korean, responds to this need. This interdisciplinary project, involving faculty at the University of Hawaii at Manoa and Korea University, offers chapters on important aspects of Korean culture, written in an engaging non-technical style.
The book begins with a series of four chapters on Korean history beginning with the pre-historical epoch and progressing through the major events and periods that ultimately shaped the modern nation-the Three Kingdoms, Unified Shilla, the Koryŏ Dynasty, the Chosŏn Dynasty, and post- liberation Korea.
This sets the stage for a panoramic treatment of contemporary Korea, including its language and literature, its philosophy and religion, its system of education, its economy, politics and government, its attitudes about family and gender, its visual and performing arts, its progress in science and technology, and its preferences in food and sports. Each receives careful treatment in one or more chapters, with a special chapter devoted to the impact of Korean culture on the world (the Korean wave phenomenon). In addition to presenting the essentials of its subject matter, each chapter includes recommendations for additional readings (some in English, some in Korean), and a set of questions for discussion and additional research.
It would be difficult to overestimate the value of this book to the field of Korean studies, which has long suffered from the lack of an appropriate college-level textbook for courses on culture-an increasingly important part of Korean language programs around the world. Essentials of Korean Culture is a landmark contribution, filling in an important curricular need while at the same time creating a resource whose attractiveness and usefulness will extend well beyond the classroom.

— Reviewed by William O’Grady (University of Hawai’i at Manoa)

1. 역사 Ⅰ: 선사시대에서 통일신라시대까지
History I: Prehistory to Unified Silla • Ho-min Sohn

2. 역사Ⅱ: 고려왕조
History II: Koryŏ Dynasty • Ho-min Sohn

3. 역사Ⅲ: 조선시대와 일제 강점기
History III: Chosŏn Dynasty to 1945 • Dong-Kwan Kong

4. 역사Ⅳ: 해방 이후 한국
History IV: Post-liberation Korea • Hee-Jeong Jeong

5. 종교와 철학
Religion and Philosophy • Bumyong Choi

6. 교육 제도
Education System • Sumi Chang

7. 언어
Language • Ho-min Sohn

8. 문학
Literature • Inbum Kang

9. 정치와 정부
Politics and Government • Hyeonju Son

10. 경제
Economy • Sunwoo Lee

11. 사회
Society • Yeonhee Yoon

12. 가족과 여성
Family and Gender • Sang Yee Cheon

13. 미술
Visual Arts • Eunho Kim

14. 공연 예술
Performing Arts • Sang Yee Cheon

15. 과학과 기술
Science and Technology • Jongwoo Park

16. 음식과 스포츠
Food and Sports • Da-jung Son

17. 한류
Hallyu • Oh, Seung Yeun