Busy Koreans(양장본 HardCover)
Essays on Contemporary Culture and Society of South Korea in East Asia

AUTHOR : Kim Hyewon Kang
ISBN : 9788976418586
PUBLISHER : 고려대학교출판부
PUBLICATION DATE : August 14 ,2014,
SPINE SIZE : 0 inches
PAGES : 192
SIZE : 6.3 * 9.1 inches
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PRICE : $41.45
Busy Koreans, the first English publication on Korean culture and society written from an East Asian perspective, seeks to provide English-language readers with an opportunity to learn more about the topic from an East Asian perspective.

Kim Hyewon Kang

Hyewon Kang Kim is the author of the Chinese book 《中韩文化谈Talk about Cultures of China and Korea》 published by Peking University Press. The book was selected for the recognized Phoenix Great Book List凤凰好书榜 in 2013, reviewed by Wen Yi Bao, China Publishing & Media Journal, and Dajianet, etc. Another of her recent publication is an award-winning Korean book 《딤섬으로 점심먹기To Have Dim Sum for Jeomsim》 published by Korea University Press, which was selected for The Year’s Excellent Books in the social science category by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism of the Korean Government in 2013.

She has published many articles on cultural phenomena and films, as well as more academic researches on Korean linguistics and language teaching. She also wrote a poetry book 《사랑할 사람The One to Love》 published by Kyungin Publishing in 2011. She regularly writes articles on liberal arts for the Korean newspaper Maeil Business Newspaper as an invited scholar.

Born and raised in South Korea, she graduated from Yonsei University with a major in French literature, and then studied Korean language and culture for her PhD from the graduate school of Kyung Hee University. After she moved to Hong Kong in 1997, she served as the founding director of the Korean studies programmes at City University of Hong Kong and The University of Hong Kong. Currently she is working for The Cultural Studies Centre of East Asia in Hong Kong as the director and senior research fellow.


Chapter 1. The Ever-evolving Nature of Culture
Hierarchy of Cultures
Culture and Economic Development
Popular Culture
Culture and Literature
Horse Racing and Golf

Chapter 2. The Ways of Thinking
Individualism and Collectivism
The First Confucius Institute
Church Cross and Fortune Cat
Horse Riders

Chapter 3. Linguistic Culture
The Korean and Chinese Languages
Foreign Words and Native Words
Speech and Writing

Chapter 4. Lifestyle and Rituals
Moon Cakes and Songpyun
Excuses for the Gangneung Dano Festival
Topoki Research Center and Jjajangmyun Museum
Siheyuan and Hanok

Chapter 5. Understanding Social Issues through Culture
Credentials and Looks
Local Color
Impression of South Korea and Its People

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