Supporting Letter Set

AUTHOR : Tae Wook Kang , Bo Kyoung Kim
ISBN : 9791158591854
PUBLICATION DATE : April 10 ,2017,
SPINE SIZE : 2.4 inches
PAGES : 660
SIZE : 8.6 * 11.1 inches
WEIGHT : 7.1 pounds
PRICE : $85.50
What is important in early childhood Korean language education is understanding the relationship between words and writing. The is suitable for the development level of young children and we have constructed the following workbook to provide interesting and meaningful first experience of Hangul learning.

1. Based on the principle of 'Korean alphabet system combination', it provides a more systematic learning opportunity by expanding the learning of Korean children. Children will learn the principles of scientific combination of consonants and vowels, so that they will be able to read even the first words.
2. In the selection of words, the children consisted of familiar words in everyday life. Based on the everyday experience of young children, we select a familiar word and learn new words to broaden the range of Korean language learning.
3. Interesting tales, sayings, songs, rhythms, and words, etc., comprised of interesting stories reflecting the interests and comprehension of infants. It's not only taught by Korean characters, but it's taught in a variety of ways, but it's a diverse set of ways that children are fond of their own interests, and they engage in spontaneous and lasting interests..
4. It emphasizes 'listening' which is the most basic of early childhood language education. Children can focus on the process of changing the sound that they they already heard when they hear, understand and distinguish sound correctly. In , we provide interesting stories, songs, and accurate pronunciation through each program.
5. During the whole curriculum, we will have have not only Korean language learning but also children who are growing up as a whole. Hangul learning becomes a medium so that infants can develop their self-confidence, become more familiar with others, have fun imagination and creatively express their language.

aims to provide interesting Hangul learning opportunities suitable for children's development level. The Workbook maximizes the effectiveness of Hangul learning through broadcasting by connecting and expanding the voluntary interest of children of TV.

Tae Wook Kang

Hangeul's Daddy, Tae Wook Kang is a production producer who makes , <Math Yahoo> Series.

Bo Kyoung Kim

Bokyoung Kim has written manuscripts for children's programs in many TV programs and have also written picture books and fairy tale books. She's always thinking of how to make interesting programs and stories that will inspire children. She has worked on , <Math Yahoo>, , , , and much more programs.

워크북 5권: 공 / 콩콩콩 쿵쿵쿵 / 퐁당퐁당
워크북 6권: 몸 / 엄마 / 그림자
워크북 7권: 신비한손 / 편지요,편지/ 눈사람자전거
워크북 8권: 복 주는 북 / 수박 박수 / 미운 말, 고운 말 / 얼굴
워크북 9권: 바 바 밥 밥집 / 손톱 발톱 / 무엇이든 붓 / 멋진 빗자루 / 탐험 이야기