The History of Education in Korea: A Sourcebook

AUTHOR : Lee Gilsang
ISBN : 9791158660581
PUBLISHER : 한국학중앙연구원출판부
PUBLICATION DATE : March 11 ,2016,
SPINE SIZE : 1.2 inches
PAGES : 320
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The series “A Sourcebook” organizes and provides primary data sorted by subjects and areas on the understanding of and research into modern Korean society and culture in an attempt to meet academic interest on the foreign study of Korea in its rapid achievements of industrialization, democratization, and social change.

South Korea’s educational development has been often held up as one of the world’s most impressive success stories. Today South Korea is among the highest ranking countries in most comparative measures of education. Yet, at every stage of its development, South Korea’s educational policies were subjected to criticism and often contentious debate. This book will help clarify contributing to a better understanding of South Korea’s educational development.

Lee Gilsang

Gilsang Lee is Professor of Education at the Academy of Korean Studies.

Michael J. Seth is Professor of History at the James Madison University.

Part1 Education under the United States of America Military Government in Korea (USAMGIK) from 1945–1948

Part2 The Launch of a New Government, the Korean War, and the Rehabilitation of Education (1948–1960)

Part3 A Period of Upheavals in Education Policy: The 1960s & 1970s

Part4 Reform Policies and the Democratization Movement in Education

Part5 Era of Globalization and Neo-Liberalism

Part6 Dilemmas of School Education in our Era and Its New Challenges