The Saemaul Movement: A Sourcebook

AUTHOR : Do Hyun Han
ISBN : 9791158660765
PUBLISHER : The Academy of Korean Studies Press
PUBLICATION DATE : November 01 ,2015,
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PAGES : 282
SIZE : 5.8 * 9.8 inches
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The series “A Sourcebook” organizes and provides primary data sorted by subjects and areas on the understanding of and research into modern Korean society and culture in an attempt to meet academic interest on the foreign study of Korea in its rapid achievements of industrialization, democratization, and social change.

This sourcebook provides scholars, development practitioners, and government officials with a representative sample of original source documents of the Saemaul Undong experience now available for examination in several archival collections. Documents in the collection range from presidential directives and personal presidential reflections to guidelines developed by various government agencies involved in Saemaul Undong administration and testimonials of villagers involved in the grassroots implementation of Saemaul Undong village development projects.

Do Hyun Han

Do Hyun Han is Professor of Sociology at the Academy of Korean Studies.

Larry L. Burmeister is Professor of Sociology in the Department of Sociology and Anthropology at Ohio University.

Part1 The Saemaul Movement, the Government, and the President

Part2 Education and Training of Village Leaders

Part3 The Saemaul Movement’s Local Governance

Part4 Village Dynamics of the Saemaul Movement