Sports, Leisure, and Games in Korea: A Sourcebook

AUTHOR : Lee Seung Jae
ISBN : 9791158661717
PUBLISHER : 한국학중앙연구원
PUBLICATION DATE : April 30 ,2017,
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PAGES : 186
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The series “A Sourcebook” organizes and provides primary data sorted by subjects and areas on the understanding of and research into modern Korean society and culture in an attempt to meet academic interest on the foreign study of Korea in its rapid achievements of industrialization, democratization, and social change.

"Since Culin’s pioneering work on the leisure activities published in 1895, a century has passed. However, more than half of the leisure activities mentioned in Culin remains only in text.
The rapid industrialization experienced by the Korean peninsula in the last decades may have devaluated or endangered traditional Korean leisure activities, which this book aims to renew. As the largest collection of Korean leisure activities, this book includes 33 leisure activities that are deemed the most traditional and representative, highlighting their physical and metaphysical values, and is hoped to serve as the cornerstone for contemporary scholars as a source book for traditional Korean leisure activities."

Lee Seung Jae

Seung Jae Lee is Assistant Professor at College of Hotel and Tourism, Kyung Hee University

Chapter 1. Arirang (Folk Songs)
Chapter 2. Baduk (Korean Chess)
Chapter 3. Chajeon-nori (Cart War Game)
Chapter 4. Cheonryeop (Fish Hunting)
Chapter 5. Dol-ssaum (Stone Fighting)
Chapter 6. Ganggang-sullae (Circle Dance)
Chapter 7. Geune-tagi (Swinging)
Chapter 8. Gomujul-nori (Rubber Band Skipping)
Chapter 9. Gonggi-nori (Pebble Game)
Chapter 10. Hwatu (Card Game)
Chapter 11. Ja-chigi (Ruler Game)
Chapter 12. Janggi (Oriental Chess Game)
Chapter 13. Jegi-chagi (Korean Shuttlecock Kicking)
Chapter 14. Jul-darigi (Tug-of-War)
Chapter 15. Jul-tagi (Tight-Rope Walking)
Chapter 16. Jwibul-nori (Rat-Fire Play)
Chapter 17. Neol-ttwigi (Seesaw Jumping)
Chapter 18. Nongak (Farmer’s Music)
Chapter 19. Paengyi-chigi (Top Spinning Game)
Chapter 20. Pansori (Epic Chant)
Chapter 21. Samul-nori (Korean Traditional Percussion Quartet)
Chapter 22. Sanyang (Hunting)
Chapter 23. So-ssaum (Korean Bullfighting)
Chapter 24. Sseolmae-tagi (Sleigh Board Riding)
Chapter 25. Ssireum (Korean Traditional Wrestling)
Chapter 26. Taekkyeon (Korean Traditional Martial Art: Old Version)
Chapter 27. Taekwondo (Korean Traditional Martial Art: Contemporary Version)
Chapter 28. Talchum (Korean Mask Dance)
Chapter 29. Ttakji-chigi (Slap-Match Game)
Chapter 30. Tuho (Throwing Arrows)
Chapter 31. Whal-ssogi (Korean Archery)
Chapter 32. Yeon-nalligi (Kite Flying)
Chapter 33. Yut-nori (Korean Board Game)