Korean Women: A Sourcebook

AUTHOR : Keong-il Kim , Hyaeweol Choi
ISBN : 9791158661960
PUBLISHER : The Academy of Korean Studies Press
PUBLICATION DATE : July 31 ,2017,
SPINE SIZE : 0.8 inches
PAGES : 338
SIZE : 5.8 * 9.8 inches
WEIGHT : 1.5 pounds
PRICE : $37.00
Korean Women: A Sourcebook offers a comprehensive introduction to the history of Korean women from the late nineteenth century to the 1990s. It brings together key source materials that reflect the dynamic and turbulent history of women in modern and contemporary Korea. The content of the volume provides readers with knowledge about the broader historical and sociocultural forces as well as women’s own agency that created the options available to women at various points in Korea’s modern history. The wide range of source materials ultimately demonstrates the crucial role women played in shaping contemporary Korean society within the context of colonial rule, the war, economic and political transformations and cultural innovations.

Keong-il Kim

Faculty: The Academy of Korean Studies, Sociology Department
Position: Professor

Hyaeweol Choi

Faculty: the Australian National University, Sociology Department
Position: Professor

Chapter 1. The Opening of the Ports and the Era of Enlightenment (1876–1910)
Chapter 2. The Era of Japanese Imperialism (1910–1945)
Chapter 3. Liberation and War (1945–1959)
Chapter 4. Industrialization and the Increase in Women’s Social Participation (1960–1986)
Chapter 5. The Democratic Movement and After (1987–2000)