Jangseogak Archives Masterpieces

AUTHOR : Jangseogak Archives of The Academy of Korean Studies
ISBN : 9791158662776
PUBLISHER : 한국학중앙연구원출판부
PUBLICATION DATE : October 30 ,2017,
SPINE SIZE : 0.9 inches
PAGES : 280
SIZE : 8.4 * 10.4 inches
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Jangseogak Archives Masterpieces is an illustrated catalog of carefully selected objects stored within the Jangseogak Archives. Originally published to accompany the 2009 Jangseogak Special Exhibition, it has been revised and translated into English. Originally based on the grand project of Emperor Gojong (r. 1863 - 1907) aiming to establish a new imperial library, the Jangseogak Archives is now the home to various documents, especially various sources of the Joseon Dynasty, such as the various Royal Protocols (uigwe), genealogical records, rubbings of tomb inscriptions and military records. Jangseogak has also meticulously collected and preserved rare books from the decedents of the Joseon scholar families. Featuring more than 120 objects, beautifully photographed and supplemented by the latest scholarship, the work will be a splendid introduction not only to the Jangseogak itself but also to various sources of Korea.

Jangseogak Archives of The Academy of Korean Studies

Royal Archives and Library

Jangseogak Archives: A Chronology
I. Birth, Education and Succession of the Royal Family of Joseon
II. State Administration and Foreign Affairs
III. Royal Rituals and Ceremonies
IV. Art and Literature
V. National Cultural Heritage Objects
List of Plates