The Questions and their Answers(시권)
A New Look into the Korean State Examination System

AUTHOR : Jangseogak Archives of The Academy of Korean Studies
ISBN : 9791158665593
PUBLISHER : 한국학중앙연구원출판부
PUBLICATION DATE : January 28 ,2020,
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PAGES : 296
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The Questions and their Answers: A New Look into the Korean State Examination System is an illustrated catalog based on Sigwon-Listening to the Wisdom of the State Management (2015). It provides a revisionist view of the state examination system (Kr. gwageo or Ch. keju), a long East Asian tradition that has often criticized as an outdated relic of the past. Our catalog provides a revisionist view of what the examination system meant to Korea. We do so by narrowing the focus to the answer sheets of the examination, the sigwons, as seen in the sources. Topic covered included an overview of the history of the civil service exam in Korea, aspect of the everyday lives of people involved in this system, and detailed analysis (including translations) of the questions and answers asked in civil service examination. In addition to the stunning visual sources, our work will provide new perspectives in understanding one of the longest traditions in Korean history.

Jangseogak Archives of The Academy of Korean Studies

Royal Archives and Library

Chapter 1. State Recruitment Examinations of the Joseon Dynasty (Gwageo)
1. History of State Examinations
2. Implementation of the State Examinations
3. Answer Sheet Forms
4. Writing Styles in Examination Papers

Chapter 2. Cultural History of State Examinations
1. Preparation for the State Examination
2. Paintings of Examination Sites
3. Events and Banquets

Chapter 3. Issues in National Governance and Solutions Found in Answer Sheets
1. Recruiting talented individuals
2. Reforming Corrupt Practices
3. Promotion of Harmony
4. Reformation of Civilian Customs
5. Establishment of Virtuous Rule