Pioneers of Korean Studies(Revised Edition)

AUTHOR : Kim Keong-Il
ISBN : 9791158666217
PUBLICATION DATE : February 01 ,2022,
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PAGES : 414
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Kim Keong-Il

대표작으로 『Pioneers of Korean Studies(Revised Edition)』이/가 있다.

Introduction (Kim Keong-il)
Mikhail N. Pak (Vladimir Tikhonov)
Edward W. Wagner (Lee Hoon-sang)
Kang Jae-eun (Chung Hye-kyung)
Piao Changyu (Liu Binghu)
Peter H. Lee (Catherine Ryu)
Gari K. Ledyard (Charles Armstrong)
James Palais (Han Hong-koo)
Martina Deuchler (Janice Kim)
Kajimura Hideki (Yi Hong-rahk)
Bruce Cumings (Michael D. Shin)

Contributors and Interviewers
Kim Keong-il_ Former professor of Sociology in the Graduate School of Korean Studies at The Academy of Korean Studies.
Vladimir Tikhonov (Korean name is Pak No-ja)_ South Korean academic of Korean studies, and columnist.
Lee Hoon-sang_ Professor of Korean History at Donga University.
Chung Hye-kyung_ Scholar who studies the history of colonial Korea, the early period in particular.
Liu Binghu_ Professor of the National Institute at Yanbian University in China.
Catherine Ryu_ Scholar who studies classical Japanese literature (Heian women’s narratives), and Korean Japanese literature.
Charles Armstrong_ Former professor of Korean studies at Columbia University.
Han Hong-koo_ Professor of General Studies at Sungkonghoe University
Janice Kim_ Professor of history at York University in Canada.
Yi Hong-rahk_ Former professor in the Humanities & Social Sciences Division, Hanil University & Presbyterian Theological Seminary.
Michael D. Shin_ Senior Researcher of Robinson College of University of Cambridge.