Letters from Korean History 5
한국사 편지(영문판)

AUTHOR : Park Eun bong , Jackson Ben
ISBN : 9791186293522
PUBLISHER : 책과함께어린이
PUBLICATION DATE : May 05 ,2016,
SPINE SIZE : 0.8 inches
PAGES : 304
SIZE : 7.5 * 9.1 inches
WEIGHT : 1.6 pounds
PRICE : $28.80
Letters from Korean History has been a great success in its native country among young Korean readers. This translation version will now be of help to ethnic Koreans overseas, others interested in Korea or history in general, Koreans looking to study history and English at the same time.

Progressing from the stones and bones of prehistory all the way to the turbulent twentieth century in the course of five volumes, Letters from Korean History can be browsed as a reference text or plowed through from beginning to end. As with most histories that cover such a long period, the density of information increases as the narrative approaches the present. With plenty of photos and illustrations, readers are able to acquire a vivid sense of history.

Park Eun bong

Park Eunbong gained a bachelor’s degree and pursued postgraduate studies in History at Korea University. She is the author of a number of several historical works, including Letters from Korean History (five volumes), Hanguksa sangsik barojapgi(“Restoring Common Sense in Korean History”), Segyesa 100 jangmyeon (“100 Scenes from World History”), Hanguksa 100 jangmyeon(“100 Scenes from Korean History”), Hanguksa dwinniyagi (“Below the Surface of Korean History”), Eomma-ui yeoksa pyeonji(“Historical Letters from Mom”) as well as the jointlyauthored Inmul yeoseongsa-Hanguk pyeon (“Women in History-Korean Edition”). Letters from Korean History was awarded the 45th Korea Book Award.

Jackson Ben

Ben Jackson comes from England and has a master’s degree in Korean Literature from the University of London. He is a former production editor of SEOUL magazine and has compiled English-language guides to Korean museums, galleries and architecture. He has translated several works of Korean literature and currently works as a translator and writer.

Lost sovereignty
Secret mission to The Hague

The struggle to save the country
Yun Huisun and the Ansaram Righteous Army

Gunfire echoes across Manchuria
A learned man’s burden

The nation rises up
‘Gisaeng’ fight for independence

Hong Beomdo and Kim Jwajin, ndependence army heroes
Yi Hwarim, the female general

Bang Jeonghwan and Children’s Day
Kim Sowol’s ‘Azaleas’

The Kanto Massacre and forced relocation
The photo brides of Hawaii

Sin Chaeho, the father of modern history
A history of pain and blood

Yi Bongchang and Yun Bonggil
The Liberation Army OSS

Koreans who amazed the world
Kim Yeom, Film Emperor of Shanghai

Stolen youth, rotten minds
Investigating Korea’s collaborators

Liberation and national division
What is socialism?

Kim Gu crosses the thirty-eighth parallel
The Jeju Uprising

War divides a nation
The SOFA and the death of two schoolgirls

Rapid growth: a time of miracles and tragedies
Multicultural families, our new neighbors

The struggle for democracy
Democracy and the World Cup

Encounters for reunification
Toward reunification

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