Korean Grammar for Speaking 2

AUTHOR : Won Song
ISBN : 9791195716241
PUBLICATION DATE : January 01 ,2018,
SPINE SIZE : 5.10 inches
PAGES : 192
SIZE : 7.1 * 10.1 inches
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The second installment in the Korean Grammar for Speaking series picks up exactly where the first left off, and manages to answer pretty much any question you had left about this challenging and exciting language. Author Song Won has carefully crafted this follow-up course and packed it with highly useful content which will provide you with all of the tools needed in order to build upon the strong foundations set along the course of the first level. The easy-to-understand and to-the-point format has remained unchanged, allowing readers to immediately dive into the good stuff and start expanding their comprehension of Korean Grammar right away. This second level covers a truly wide array of more advanced high usage daily expressions which will definitely come in handy while engaging in conversation, small-talk and even during more formal situations, such as giving a talk or presentation. Apart from presenting these new concepts, the text also aids us in combining them with previously learned conjugations, in a creative, fun and simple building blocks kind of approach. Each unit also includes extensive advanced vocabulary lists, a wide variety of practice problems, and end-of-unit quizzes. You’ll be genuinely amazed at how easy Korean Grammar seems while following Songwon’s tried and tested methods! Korean Grammar for Speaking 2 has been created in order to immensely enhance your understanding of spoken Korean Grammar and finally give you the confidence you seek in order to further progress towards your language learning goals. As if all that wasn’t enough, this valuable book is enhanced with audio lessons which can be accessed at PodBbang, as well as videos that may be viewed on YouTube at no extra cost. Korean Grammar for Speaking 2 is an undoubtedly essential tool for virtually anyone at all who wishes to learn this fascinating language.

Won Song

Author of
Korean Grammar for Speaking 1, 2
Japanese Grammar for Speaking

Breaks down grammar points into workable chunks

This book is EXACTLY what I needed to get me going again. I’ve been attempting to study Korean through various sources – Rosetta Stone, several phone apps, Pimsleur Korean, even Talk to Me in Korean…they all gave me some working Korean, but nothing I can use further than a few sentences. I mean, admittedly, I haven’t been studying intensely for the past year. But this book breaks down each grammar points into workable chunks. Though I’m not at a comfortable speaking level YET, I know this book will provide a solid foundation for me to get there.

Don’t get me wrong, the other sources were very helpful, and I will still use them, but this book along with Song Won’s guidance has gotten me EXCITED about learning Korean again.He offers free uploaded video lesson on Youtube and Facebook too. They are all very helpful.

When I’m done with the book, I promise to come back and let you in on my results!

This book is really fantastic and so easy to understand, even by a beginner dunce like me, its full of easy explanations, lots of examples and exercises.I was able even to write a letter in korean by using this book to add grammar and make it sound less childish..Highly recommend

Five Stars

Good book and helpful

I bought this book because the reviews were so good. All I can say is that it is …

I bought this book because the reviews were so good. All I can say is that it is fantastic. I was already able to read and write Hangul yet I found the reading and writing sections well worth reading especially as there are teaching sessions on uTube that take you through the lessons. The teaching sessions are with real learners who are at the same level as you in the book. He (Songwon). Has already cleared up a stumbling block I had with topic markers. There are also other teaching aids through Skype but I have not yet tried these. For once, i am glad I listened to the reviews and bought this book. I would recommend it to anyone wishing to learn Korean. However, it is linked with the on-line teaching sessions and would be difficult without them.

Amazing book!!!

This book is honestly amazing! Everything is broken so you can understand it better, very organized when it comes to units and actually working in the book. I recommend this to any starting out as a beginner!

Best Korean Book

I love how this book is straightforward and gets right to the point. It’s very easy to comprehend and gives words and phrases that you either will hear or use. I feel like I have a better understanding of the korean language. Also, the free youtube lesson are a great supplement to the book.


This book is amaaazing if you want to learn how to speak Korean without being stressed by how difficult it is. It’s full of grammar points, vocab, and example sentences alongside questions for you to complete for each unit which is perfect as it’s a textbook and workbook in one! Each unit is full of new information that is broken down in a way that makes it easy to understand unlike a lot of the other books out there.
What I find incredibly helpful is that the author also has a YouTube (Korean Grammar for Speaking) and a Soundcloud […] with audio files to aid your learning so you can learn how to pronounce the vocabulary and sentences mentioned in the book. The author has done a great job at writing a grammar book that is easier for foreigners to understand compared to some of the more complicated books out there.
I’m really glad that I bought this book as it really is a great tool in learning Korean and I would definitely recommend it to anyone!

Highly recommend! Able to master grammar at a good pace with this book.

Korean Grammar for Speaking is the perfect book for mastering Korean grammar. I’m a beginner and I just began studying Korean as a New Year Resolution and to prepare for a trip to South Korea next year. As someone who has studied Japanese (which has a lot of similarities to Korean grammar), I knew getting a good grammar book would be crucial in grasping the language. This book exceeds my expectations. Not only is it a grammar book, it specifically focuses on spoken Korean. This is the Korean you will use most often if you plan to live or travel in Korea. This is the Korean you want to learn if you don’t want to sound like the an outdated textbook.

The quality of the cover and the pages of the book is high. The pages are made of good strong material so if you’re using an eraser you don’t have to worry about erasing too hard. And if you’re using gel ink, you don’t have to worry about the ink bleeding through the pages.

For each Unit, on the left pages, grammar points are introduced. The pages are in color and grammar points are shown in red. Sample sentences are provided for each point. Korean sentences are in hangul only (no romanization in this book, except for when the Korean alphabet is introduced in the beginning). Each Korean sentence and new verbs/conjugations have the English translation provided which is helpful for beginners like me who want to make sure they understand the sentence correctly. This also makes the book, perfect for self-study. On the right pages, you’ll find the following kind of exercises to help reinforce the grammar you learn:

1. Complete the blanks
2. Complete the sentence using a word bank
3. Write your own sentences
4. Unscramble the sentences
5. Complete the conversation and many other types of exercises

Because of the variety of exercise types, I never get bored writing in this book. And because the grammar points are so clear and straightforward, I’m able to understand how the grammar is used right away and feel that I’ve been progressing through the book at a nice pace.

Another pro of this book is that the author, Song Won also created mp3s to go with it. The mp3s are great for verifying pronunciation, memorizing vocab, shadowing, and for listening to on your iphone or android while commuting to work or school or when traveling. You can find the link to the mp3s at: https://soundcloud.com/song-won-975620954.

This book is worth getting. Contains grammar points with sample sentences, a variety of exercises to reinforce new grammar, can be used for self-study, teaches you REAL spoken Korean, English translations of sentences, answer key provided for exercises and test, mp3s are available.
1. I wonder if.. (1) (나요)
2. I wonder if.. (2) 인가요/ㄴ가요/은가요
3. Would (ㄹ까요/을까요)
4. I thought I would so.. (ㄹ까 봐/을까 봐)
5. Pretend to.. (척하다)
6. Almost (ㄹ 뻔하다/을 뻔하다)
7. Decide to.. (기로)
8. Used to.. (1) (던)
9. Used to.. (2) (였었다/이었었다/ㅆ었다/었었다/했었다)
10. I have done it, but it was.. (던데요)
11. I have done it, and it was.. (더라고요)
12. Even (심지어) 도/어도/해도
13. Don't even.. (지도 않다, 지도 못하다)
14. Even if.. (아무리) 더라도
15. It happened, but then.. (갑자기) 더니
16. Become (지다/어지다/해지다)
17. Do you know what.. (는지)
18. Do you know if.. (인지/ㄴ지/은지/는지)
19. How long have you.. (ㄴ 지 얼마나 되다/은 지 얼마나 되다)
20. Might (ㄹ지도/을지도)
21. I think you do.. (는 줄 알다)
22. I don't think you do.. (는 줄 모르다)
23. You know.. (잖아요/이잖아요)
24. That's because.. (거든요)
25. It is? (는데요)
26. -ing (기, 는 것)
27. Thing (것)
28. Than (보다)
29. This, So, That, How (이렇다, 그렇다, 저렇다, 어떻다)
30. Be done (이, 히, 리, 기)
31. Be done by.. (되다, 당하다)
32. End up (게 되다)
33. Have been done (있다/어 있다/해 있다)
34. Make me, Let me (게 하다, 게 만들다)
35. -ly (게, 히)
36. Say (다고요/다고 하다)
37. Said (했다고요/했다고 하다)
38. I say I am going to.. (할 거라고요/할 거라고 하다)
39. Ask (냐고요/냐고 하다)
40. Tell (라고요/라고 하다)
41. I say let's.. (자고요/자고 하다)
42. Ask for.. (달라고요/달라고 하다)
43. You said, I heard.. (한다면서)
44. At the same time (면서/으면서)
45. While (다가)
46. Because of.. (느라고)
47. Worth (ㄹ 만하다/을 만하다)
48. It is true that.. (기는 하다)
49. So (길래)
50. Being (하다/어하다/해하다)
51. Everytime I do.. (ㄹ 때마다/을 때마다)
52. Until (ㄹ 때까지/을 때까지)
53. There's no way that.. (ㄹ 리가 없다/을 리가 없다)
54. I have no choice but to.. (ㄹ 수밖에 없다/을 수밖에 없다)
55. Just do it (버리다/어 버리다/해 버리다)
56. Leave (놓다/어 놓다/해 놓다)
57. Almost (가다/어 가다/해 가다)
58. Have come (오다/어 오다/해 오다)
59. Will (ㄹ 테다/을 테다)
60. Must be.. (겠다)
61. The more.. (면 할수록)
138. Final Test 1
152. Final Test 2
160. No 받침 Verbs
164. 받침 Verbs
166. 하다 Verbs
169. 받침 Adjectives
170. 하다 Adjectives
172. Answers