Learn! Korean With BTS Book Package

ISBN : 9791196577094
PUBLICATION DATE : September 01 ,2020,
SPINE SIZE : 1.2 inches
PAGES : 494
SIZE : 10.8 * 9.1 inches
WEIGHT : 3.4 pounds
PRICE : $125.95
The book is designed for foreign learners who want to learn Korean through actual Korean Wave content, away from formalized school textbooks. In most cases, a book is made to incorporate Korean Wave into Korean language education, but this book was made while thinking about how to effectively utilize BTS' various contents in Korean language education. So it's not boring but fun. In addition, the sound pen translates eye-viewing into ear-listening so that Korean comes to live sound. Besides, isn't the character BTS that we really want to meet? Yes, Let's learn Korean with BTS!!!



Messages from BTS
Introductory remarks
Structure & Features
Learning Hangeul

01 안녕하세요? 저는 보라예요.
02 방탄소년단 교통카드 주세요.
03 모자가 몇 층에 있어요?
04 오늘 어디에 가요?
05 한강공원에서 라면을 먹어요.
06 삼겹살이 비싸지 않아요.

Course table
Model answers
Vocabulary index