Transparent Supply Chain Management System

Kong & Park is the representative of Korean agencies and publishing companies and is the distributor for overseas distribution. For the transparency of distribution, we have developed a supply Chain Management System (SCM) that is optimized for overseas distribution. Through SCM, Korean publishers, distributors in various countries, sales reps, wholesalers, bookstores, and forwarders are linked closely together to carry out their business smoothly and transparently.

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Representing Agencies and Publishing companies

Kong & Park represents and exclusively distributes books on behalf of the following agencies and publishing companies.

  • The Academy of Korean Studies Press, Seongnam
    Since its establishment in 1978, the Academy of Korean Studies (AKS) has made conspicuous achievements in the field of Korean studies by conducting in-depth research and education on Korean culture. The AKS has published 1,920 texts containing basic materials and new theories about Korean studies.

  • Bookhouse, Seoul
    Bookhouse Publishers has published many entertaining and inspiring books in Korea from 1997. From Raymond Chandler’s novel to Oprah Winfrey’s essay, Bookhouse has expansive publishing portfolio that provides exceptional reading experiences to readers of all ages.

  • Cum Libro, Seoul
    Cum Libro is a publishing company specialized in history, and cultural studies, literature. We have translated and published over 100 books include Letters from Korean History 1~5 by Park Eunbong, Korean Contemporary History Reading through History Education by Kim Hanjong, Dynasty by Tom Holland, Empires in World History by Jane Burbank and Frederick Cooper, The Third Way by Anthony Giddens.

  • EBS Media, Seoul
    EBS Media is a subsidiary company of EBS which was established in 2012. Based on contents produced by EBS or through joint projects, EBS Media focuses on businesses such as Character licensing, Theme park, Broadcasting, Educational Business, Publishing and etc..

  • Jimoondang, Seoul
    Jimoondang has been publishing English books and journals on Korean Studies since 1997. Titles include: Korean history, culture, art, literature, anthropology, and more. A number of its publications have been recognized for their academic achievement by the Korean government.

  • Longtail Books, Seoul
    Longtail Books has been dedicated to publish language-learning books for Korean readers, offers a comprehensive line of books including Newbery awarded books and Disney titles. By collaborating with TalkToMeInKorean, the #1 Language Blog by Lexiophiles, Longtail Books provides distinguished Korean language-learning books to the world.

  • The National Museum of Korea (NMK), Seoul
    Since its establishment in 1945, the National Museum of Korea has been performing the role of the cultural institution representing Korea for over 70 years. It also has contributed to the growth of the academic field of traditional Korean art and culture with its numerous and significant researches and studies. However, the accumulated knowledge and achievements have remained within the Korean academic circle lacking the communication and sharing with a broader academia.

  • SniFactory, Seoul
    SniFactory, with its publishing brand Dahal Media at the head, was established as a cultural contents company to enhance the added value of Korean culture and contribute the creation of a new culture, based on the contents of Korean culture, arts, and history.

  • Yonsei University Press, Seoul
    Yonsei University Press was began in 1929 from Yonhi College Press. They published Korean language books of The Korean Language Institute (KLI). Yonsei University’s KLI was established on April 1st, 1959 as the first institute to provide intensive Korean language courses. The KLI not only has been offering Korean culture but also played a role introducing Korean culture and history through its language training to students, missionaries and diplomats.


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