Journal of Korean Art and Archaeology
National Museum of Korea

Volume : vol. 16 (2022)
ISSN : 2577-9842
Frequency : annually

Journal of Korean Art and Archaeology is an English-language journal of the National Museum of Korea. The journal aims to introduce domestic research on Korean archaeology, history and art history to the international academic community. At the same time, it presents the recent research on the collection of the National Museum of Korea.

vol. 16 (2022)


Editorial Note
The Tomb of King Muryeong—Providing the Impetus for Overcoming Misunderstandings of Baekje History
by Kwon Ohyoung

Special: The Baekje Kingdom within East Asia: The Tomb of King Muryeong
Cultural Exchange and International Interaction in East Asia as Seen through theHistory Tomb of King Muryeong
by Kwon Ohyoung

Research on the Excavation and Investigation of the Tomb of King Muryeong
by Kang Wonpyo

Cultural Exchange among the Three Kingdoms as Revealed by Artifacts from the Tomb of King Muryeong
by Lee Hansang

Critical Review on the Metalworks in the Tomb of King Muryeong
by Joo Kyeongmi

Broadening the Understanding of Sixteenth-Century Korean Real Scenery Landscape Paintings: Gyeongpodae Pavilion and Chongseokjeong Pavilion
by Lee Soomi

The Structure and Manufacturing Technique of the Gilt-bronze Standing Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva Excavated from Gyuam-ri, Buyeo
by Shin Yongbi and Kim Jiho

Photography Credits

Further Reading

Choi Eung Chon, Dongguk University

Jung Jongwoo

Burglind Jungmann, University of California, Los Angeles
Choi Seon Ju, National Museum of Korea
Ham Soonseop, Daegu National Museum
Han Soo, National Museum of Korea
Junko HABU, University of California, Berkeley
Lee Byong Ho, National Museum of Korea
Lee Soomi, National Museum of Korea
Li Liu, Stanford University
Park Jinwoo, Gongju National Museum
Yoo Byung-Ha, National Museum of Korea (Former)
Yu Heisun, National Museum of Korea

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