Journal of Korean Art & Archaeology: White Porcelain of the Joseon Dynasty
National Museum of Korea

Volume : vol. 11 (2017)
ISSN : 2005-1115
Frequency : annually

Journal of Korean Art & Archaeology : White Porcelain of the Joseon Dynasty centers on porcelain from the Joseon dynasty. Also included are articles on tombs of the Silla kingdom, Buddhist temple architecture from the Joseon dynasty, and eighteenth-century portrait paintings.

Bridging archaeology, history, and cultural studies, the articles on Joseon porcelain interest questions of manufacture and use with issues of class, consumption, and economics. They rely heavily on recently excavated material, such as urban sites located in the center of Seoul that in Joseon times encompassed palace, temple, and government buildings in addition to licensed shops.

The articles highlight the enormous popularity of Joseon porcelain among the upper and lower social classes alike. The widespread want for ceramics even led to high-quality wares being pilfered from the official kilns and traded for profit.


005  Editorial Note
Charlotte Horlyck

Special: White Porcelain of the Joseon Dynasty
011  Treasured Ceramics of the Late Joseon Period Viewed from a Material Culture Perspective
by Jang Namwon

027  Types of Sixteenth-century Joseon White Porcelain with Hangeul Inscriptions Related to the Royal Court and Their Significance
by Kim Yunjeong

043  Formative Characteristics and Nature of Fifteenth- and Sixteenth-century Blue-and-white Porcelain Excavated from Sites within the City Wall of Seoul
by Kim Hyejeong

059  Changes in the Characteristics of White Porcelain Decorated with Underglaze Iron-brown Produced in Joseon Official Kilns
by Woo Minah

078  Geumgwanchong Tomb and Royal Tomb Traditions of the Silla Maripgan Period
by Kim Daehwan

092  Changes in the Internal Structure of Buddhist Temple Halls and Characteristics of Buddhist Sculpture in the Late Joseon Period
by Song Unsok

106  Portrait Album of Successful Candidates from the Military Division of the Special State Examination and Its Characteristics as a Collection of Portraits of Meritorious Subjects
by Chang Jina

124  A Study of White Porcelain Cup and Stand with Inlaid Grass and Flower Design and “Taeiljeon” Inscription, a Bequest of Lee Hong-kun
by Kwon Sohyun

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