Journal of Korean Art & Archaeology: Joseon Court Paintings
National Museum of Korea

Volume : vol. 12 (2018)
ISSN : 2577-9842
Frequency : annually

Editorial Note — Park Jeong-hye, Professor of the Academy of Korean Studies

The study of court painting is greatly indebted to documentary evidence provided by uigwe, books that record in detail state rites or other events. Research on court painting gained momentum when researchers began to appreciate the rich content and value of the paintings contained in these books. As the uigwe contain paintings such as Banchado (painting of the order of participants in a royal procession), study of uigwe paintings was also actively carried out as a part of court painting research.

New Joseon court paintings continued to be introduced through auctions and the collections of clan groups. As serious study of the topic began rather late, gaps still remain in the research, but this problem is being addressed through newly introduced works. The characteristics and excellence of Joseon court painting are less well known to the international audience that than of other genres. It is hoped that through the articles in this volume readers will appreciate that Joseon court paintings have a unique formative beauty and sense of color as well as a dignified character that distinguishes them from the court paintings of China or Japan.


005  Editorial Note
Park Jeong-hye

Special: Joseon Court Paintings
011  The Bureau of Painting during the Joseon Dynasty: The Transformation of Institutional Systems Responding to Political Changes
by Kang Kwan-shik

027   A Study of the Ten Symbols of Longevity Screen in the Collection of the Museum of Art at the University of Oregon
by Park Bonsoo

043  Desire for an Empire: The Painted Folding Screen Sea, Cranes, and Peaches at the Honolulu Museum of Art
by Kim Soojin

059  Production and Significance of Paintings of Tribute Missions to the Son of Heaven in the Late 18th Century
by Park Jeong-hye

078  Study of Ten-panel Folding Screen with Image of Peonies in the National Museum of Korea by Lee Hea-gyeong
by Lee Hea-gyeong

092  The Production and Copying of Portraits of Meritorious Subjects: Portraits of Jo Gonggeun and their Related Drawings
by Kwon Hyuk San

106  The Production Method and Characteristics of the White Birch Bark Mudguard Flaps from Cheonmachong Tomb
by Chang Yongjoon and Kim Jongwoo

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