Journal of Korean Art & Archaeology: Gyeongju
National Museum of Korea

Volume : vol. 13 (2019)
ISSN : 2577-9843
Frequency : annually

Editorial Note: Towards an Understanding of the Ancient City of Gyeongju

Any large city will inevitably develop its own distinct tone and characters. Just as Rome was not built in a day, conurbations form gradually over time, albeit with variations in the period involved, with the condensation of culture and accrual of countless individual lives.

Gyeongju is a highly unusual historical city for remaining the capital of the ancient Silla Kingdom over the extraordinary period of a thousand years. For this reason, Gyeongju has always attracted special interest among Korea's many cities. As the city that bore witness to the birth and demise of Silla, it is infused with the history and culture of this ancient kingdom to its very roots.

In that sense, Geyongju can be called the manifestation of Silla's history and culture. Stripped of the legacy of Silla, it would be reduced to an empty city without a heart. Any discussion or study of the city is largely devoted to the history and culture of the ancient kingdom. In other words, it is difficult to understand Gyeongju without first understanding Silla.


005  Editorial Note: Towards an Understanding of the Ancient City of Gyeongju
Ju Bo Don

Special: Gyeongju
015  Gyeongju, a City of History
by Ju Bo Don

025  The Royal Capital of Silla
by Noh Choong Kook

049  The Ancient Tombs in Gyeongju
by Lee Heejoon

067  Silla Metalwork: Discoveries from Gyeongju
by Lee Hansang

083  The Land of the Buddha: Stone Buddhist Sculptures on Namsan Mountain in Gyeongju
by Kwak Dongseok

104  Reexamination of the Inscriptions on the Maitreya and Amitabha Statues from Gamsansa Temple through Reflectance Transformation Imaging
by Shin Soyeon and Kim Youngmin

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