Journal of Korean Art & Archaeology: Buddhist Art of Goryeo
National Museum of Korea

Volume : vol. 14 (2020)
ISSN : 2577-9844
Frequency : annually

Editorial Note: Reviews of the Five Articles on Characteristics of Goryeo Art

The most distinctive characteristics of Goryeo art are considered to be the invention of creative techniques and the manifestation of cultural diversity.

While the Unified Silla Kingdom established an international artistic style by embracing various foreign cultural elements and formulated the future basis for Korean Buddhist art, it was in the Goryeo dynasty that a distinct Korean Buddhist art was achieved by developing original form and styles. Buddhism flourished during this period and a number of Buddhist temples were built.

Accordingly, a variety of types of Buddhist metalworks began to be produced. This increase in the production of such metalworks was also a result of the demand for the numerous ritual objects required for the complex and diverse rituals and decorations fueled by the expansion of the popularity of Seon Buddhism since the lae Unified Silla period.


005  Editorial Note: Reviews of the Five Articles on Characteristics of Goryeo Art
Choi Eung Chon

Special: Buddhist Art of Goryeo
013  Diverse Aspects and Characteristics of the Goryeo Dynasty Crafts in Xuanhe Fengshi Gaoli Tujing
by Choi Eung Chon

027  The Development of Suryukjae in Goryeo and the Significance of State-sponsored Suryukjae during the Reign of King Gongmin
by Kang Ho-sun

041  Thirteenth-century Wooden Sculptures of Amitabha Buddha from the Goryeo Dynasty and the Ink Inscriptions on their Relics
by Choe Songeun

059  Consecrating the Buddha: The Formation of the Bokjang Ritual during the Goryeo Period
by Lee Seunghye

073  Clothing and Textiles Depicted in Goryeo Paintings of Water-moon Avalokitesvara
by Sim Yeonok

092  A Study of the Metalworking Techniques Manifested in the Gold Buckle from Seogam-ri Tomb No. 9
by Yu Heisun and Ro Jihyun

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