Journal of Korean Art & Archaeology: Monk Artisans — Producers of Buddhist Art
National Museum of Korea

Volume : vol. 17 (2023)
ISSN : 2577-9847
Frequency : annually

  Research on monk artisans and Buddhist art of the Joseon Dynasty (1392–1910) made great strides between the publication of Korean Buddhist Paintings (40 volumes) (1996-2007) and the publication of the Report of Korean Buddhist Heritage (2002-2014). During this period, almost all relevant Buddhist sculptures, paintings, and ritual implements in the possession of temples across Korea were surveyed.

  Moreover, with the additional publication of related documentary materials such as the balwonmun (發願文, votive texts), the records of completion of statues (造成記, K. joseonggi), and the records of paintings (畫記, K. hwagi), active research was also conducted on the works of monk artisans and their activities. Notably, the study of votive texts secretly enshrined deep inside the statues led to much progress in research on Buddhist sculptures based on individual monk artisans.


Editorial Note
004  Buddhist Art and Monk Artisans of the Late Joseon Dynasty
by Song Unsok

Special: Monk Artisans: Producers of Buddhist Art
012  Buddhist Practitioner and Artist: The Dual Identity of Buddhist Monk Painters during the Joseon Dynasty
by Jeong Myounghee

032  A Study on the Late Joseon Monk Sculptor Daneung (端應) and the Wooden Amitabha Buddha Altarpiece at Yongmunsa Temple in Yecheon, Gyeongsangbuk-do Province
by Heo Hyeong Uk

052  Buddhist Sculpture Production Methods and the Issue of “Ghost-sculpting” during the Late Joseon Dynasty
by Song Unsok

068  The Buddhist Projects of the Pyeonyang Monastic Sub-lineage and the Artistic Activities of Monk Artisans during the Late Joseon Dynasty
by Lee Yongyun

088  The Spatial Rearrangement of the Exterior of Wolseong Fortress in the Late Seventh Century and Its Significance – Focusing on the Sites around Wolji Pond and at the Balcheon Stream Site
by Lee Hyun-tae

104  The Manufacturing Techniques and Conservation Treatment of the Gold Crown Excavated from the Seobongchong Tomb in Gyeongju (Treasure No. 339)
by Kwon Yoonmi

122  Photography Credits

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